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With the success of Korean skin care brands such as Skin Food and The Face Shop, it was only a matter of time before the Korean cosmetics craze would cross the Pacific.  That time is now.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Momomango sells only the best, quality and authentic Korean skin care products to everywhere within the borders of Canada and the USA.  BB creams, masks, eye treatments, wrinkle treatments, cleansers, moisturizers and serums are only a few of the superb products that we carry.  We are always expanding our line-up of delicious products, so check back often to see what's new.

About Baviphat

Fun, cute, and full of energy is what it's all about here. It is no wonder what makes Baviphat such an attractive brand. With lines like the ever popular Dream Girls line and assortment of lip balms, creams, and masks that look and feel delicious on your skin, Baviphat screams youth and vitality. Your skin will match the sentiment as well.

About BRTC

BRTC is the premium brand for those who take their skin's health and care seriously. From the effectiveness of their products right down to their simple packaging, one theme is ubiquitous throughout the entire BRTC experience: Quality. No flash but lots of substance here. BRTC's team of dermatologists and cosmetic scientists continue to turn out quality products that not only work, but work extremely well. BRTC is an especially great brand choice for those seeking solutions to specific skin conditions and desires with treatments for wrinkles, blemishes, dry skin, enlarged pores, dark spots, scars, and many more.

About ElishaCoy

ElishaCoy is the brand that stakes its reputation on high quality. High materials, high technology, and high sensibility are the three sacred principles that ElishaCoy strives to instill in every single product they produce. Using only all-natural botanical ingredients and with a new spin on time-proven traditional formulas, ElishaCoy's simplistic but advanced approach to skin care is revolutionizing the cosmetic industry. Lightweight creams, long-lasting BB creams, and non-Comedogenic products are what you can expect from this Korean cosmetics phenom.

About Etude House

Since 1995 Etude House has been developing high quality skincare and cosmetic masterpieces at a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay for them.  Cute, trendy, and with a focus on the young woman's demographic, Etude House has burst onto the cosmetic scene and has no plans on going anywhere but to the top of the cosmetic world.  Don't let the adorable packaging fool you, these products have the quality that rivals some of the highest end cosmetic lines.

About Holika Holika

It works magic on your skin. That's what probably inspired Holika Holika's founders and marketing team when they first developed their amazing products. With vibrant colours and reasonable prices, Holika Holika has burst on to the cosmetic scene as an outgoing and fun brand where you can achieve almost any look. Feeling like going for a more bold look? How about something more subtle and cute? Holika Holika has you covered for just about any mood with cosmetics that look great and do wonders for your skin.

About Innisfree

Innisfree is one of the top cosmetic lines coming out of South Korea today that practically invented today's trend of cosmetic companies focusing on all natural ingredients for natural beauty.  Started only 11 years ago, Innisfree cosmetics have taken Korea and the world by storm (they have over 200 stores globally!) by focusing on natural cosmetics that are as good for the environment as they are for your skin.  They feature a wide range of natural skin care products from facial masks to lotions and creams - all at an affordable price - and boxed up in as eco-friendly packaging as you can get.

About Iope

Iope has developed a strong reputation for creating products that not only work but excel beyond expectations. Building on a strong scientific research and development team, Iope continues to create winning product that are tested and that you can trust. Iope promises to restore the skin's natural pure, clear, and transparent condition.

About It's Skin

The Korean cosmetic and skincare brand It's Skin's approach to skincare is to first scientifically study and understand the nature of pure healthy skin and then develop evidence based solutions to maintain your skin's natural health. It's all about your skin and only your skin. Forumulated by specialists in dermatology from leading Korean research institutes, It's Skin is all about safety, the synergy with natural ingredients, and minimal use of antiseptics to produce irritation-free cosmetics. True beauty is derived from your natural skin - That is It's Skin.

About Laneige

Laneige is Korea's signature cosmetic brand and one of the most well known and internationally awarded and recognized globally. With their popular Water line and famous sleeping packs, there is no substitute for the Laneige promise to your skin. Clean and sophisticated beauty with a focus on maintaining youth and energy within and throughout your skin is Laneige's philosophy - as pure as its namesake.

About Lioele

Cute and Pink - two words that define the cosmetic phenomenon known as Lioele. Through extensive research and development, Lioele strives to create the world's best skin care and cosmetics products without sacrificing the youthful fun and vitality that defines every girl's first foray into beauty products. With this ideal in mind, Lioele has delivered in spades with seemingly magical products that work miracles on your skin. Recapture your youth with Lioele.

About Mediheal

Mediheal is a specialized Korean cosmetic brand that focuses its niche in developing treatments for the most common and persistent skin problems women experience from day to day. Mediheal relies on advanced research into the root causes of skin issues to provide unique and tailored solutions based on the individual's skin state and goals.

About Missha

Started in early 2000, Missha has rocketed onto the cosmetics scene to become a brand synonymous with quality. Leverging user feedback from loyal customers Missha gradually refined each product to what you have today.  Years and years of testing and trials have yielded some of the best cosmetics anywhere in the world.  Yet always concerned about the end customer, Missha has given up on flashy packaging and mass media campaigns and instead focused on what's best for the customer and the customer's skin by producing quality products without the hefty price tag you'd expect from similar brands.  Missha's philosophy is that everyone should get the chance to feel beautiful and Missha will be there to help out.

About Mizon

Almost always near the top of the must-have list of skin care enthusiasts, the Mizon brand always creates a buzz with its top of the line products. Backed with dedicated and well practiced scientists and researchers, Mizon is passionate about creating product that exceed your expectations. Popular products include the AHA & BHA line along with their multifunction products.

About Nature Republic

All beauty claims its origins from nature. Welcome to Nature Republic. The philosophy behind the Nature Republic brand is to design and develop according to the natural laws of beauty found in the world around us. By discovering beauty and skin care secrets in natural living environments across the globe, Nature Republic captures the very essence of natural beauty within each and every single one of their products. From body, hair, skin care - every drop of product was specifically designed to bring out your natural beauty.

About Skin79

Skin79's unique formulations are made with only the finest naturally derived ingredients with the highest degree of quality control to ensure that what touches your skin is only good and healthy. By sourcing from proven and effective extracts, and relying on state of the art research, Skin79 has found the perfect harmony between advanced technology and natures gifts to give you the user a truly unique experience.

About Skin Food

Since 1957, Skin Food, the Korean cosmetics manufacturer has continued to supply quality skincare products to those who take their skin seriously in Asia and all around the globe. By focusing on natural ingredients and using tried and tested recipes, Skin Food has become a major player in the skincare industry drawing followers that include just about every walk of life. From celebrities, such as Sung Yu Ri, to the thousands of skincare enthusiasts, Skin Food's unique blend of plants, herbs, and fruits has convinced just about everyone who has tried their products.

About The Face Shop

From the very start The Face Shop's focus has always been on delivering the best skin care through the use of as much natural ingredients possible. More than 30 years later, this philosophy has spread like wild-fire and both women and men alike have flocked to The Face Shop skin care routines. Recognizable by the simple yet sleek packaging and the unique choice of a male spokesperson (Kwon Sang Woo) over female icons, The Face Shop's products exploit botanical extracts gathered from all corners of the globe to bring you some of the best skin care lines on the market.

About The Saem

A relative new comer to the Korean cosmetics craze, The Saem, has been making waves since it appeared on the stage in 2010. Building on strong roots put down under a different cosmetics brand, The Saem brand stays true to its name as the eternal spring of beauty with its breakthrough products including the ever popular O2 line.

About Tony Moly

A relative new comer to the South Korea cosmetics industry, Tony Moly, perhaps one of the most chic and stylish of cosmetics brands out there continues to provide top quality beauty experiences that work wonders for your skin and your bank account.  Like many of the other Korean brands, Tony Moly has put an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients and maintains a strong environmental conscience.  With each new and exciting product, Tony Moly proves again and again that you can still focus on the natural side of cosmetics without sacrificing quality.

New Lines and Requests

We're always looking for new lines and brands to add to our ever growing inventory.  If you have any product requests, please send us an email and we'll do our very best to accommodate.

Momomango Ships to United States

By popular demand from our friends to the south, Momomango ships products to the United States of America.  Flat fee shipping applies to all orders to the United States.